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In my professional life I've had the chance to work with various media; printed, product, web and moving image to name a few. Experience in production along with wide material and technical knowledge helps me a lot while I create.

I enjoy reading, improving and sharing my knowledge as well as leading the group I'm working with. I'm enthusiastic about the creative process, which I believe should take place beginning with the idea. Among other services, I'm giving consultancy and supervising in project development for many years now.

In my personal life I dance the lindy hop – my source of happiness. I've already attended several international lindy hop festivals and workshops. I like listening to oldies, classical and jazz music, helping people, traveling, discovering cultures through cities, local goods and citizens, following art events, independent cinema and technology.

the Designer

My portrait As a designer I tend to create clean-cut graphics that concentrate on the message without compromising on the beauty. I particularly like typography and pure design as well as striking imagery.

I enjoy designing and working with visuals a lot. I've been designing products and websites as well as creating illustrations and graphics for the mainstream printed media. Additionally, my background (graduate degree) in film production gave me a chance to incorporate my graphic eye into the screen. Please see below for further information about me as a filmmaker.

I have a strong sense and visualization of the three dimensional space probably due to my daily habit of analyzing every object and intense calculation skills. I've had a lot of experience with creating custom packaging solutions for varying products. With good observation of user behavior and knowledge in production area that has its grounds in our family business, to me it's like solving a puzzle. And yes, I like puzzles as long as they're challenging.

the Filmmaker

My first step in the world of production was through a few commercial scripts I wrote during one of my internships, which was followed by the video production and screenwriting classes I took in university. The summer after I graduated I attended the Cinema Seminars summer course organized by TURSAK. Ultimately I made my graduate degree in cinema-tv in Istanbul Bilgi University.

The short films I produced have mostly been documentaries. Additionaly, the fact that I find sound in production amazingly strong led me to concentrate on it. I wrote a couple of articles about sound in films and I chose to produce both my first documentary and my thesis project about a music genre.

My first documentary was probably the most experimental one. This was a black and white typographic study on the Turkish ethnic-electronic music genre with a lot of verbal information in both narrative levels: vision and sound. My aim was to challenge the audience by bombarding them with verbal/textual information through interviews with music producers and readable material on screen simultaneously. The formal approach that makes it unique, however, is also what limits it to a single language. Screenshots can be found under "Graphic Design > Artistic works" here. in the "design" page.

My graduate thesis project, "Fuse it up!" is an altered version of the same subject. All the information is provided through the method the genre constructs itself; it uses layers heterogeneously instead of mixing them and manipulating the authentic. The documentary, in fact, pays a homage to the genre and fuses varying narrative methods such as showreel and animation in the visual level, and interviews and many local examples of the genre along with authentic material in the auditory level.

Apart from the ones I shot during my studies I created some short films for several artistic and commercial events. Among those were a video installation and a promotion video I produced for the launch event of Absolut Apeach in Turkey, a promotion film for an exclusive event organized by Apple IMC, Turkey and a private commemoration film.

the Programmer

I'd always been fascinated by programming ever since I took the computer class in high school that taught DOS language. A mandatory HTML course in university followed that.

Although the course did not include any programming language in curriculum, at some point HTML & CSS required use of Javascript, officially the first programming language I learned. It was much before jQuery got introduced. By then we were using timers for animations, much lengthy and less error prone code for almost anything. By its wide range of capabilities and graphic manipulation, then came ActionScript, which I mastered and by which I learned object oriented programming.

The more I improved my knowledge in clientside languages the more flexible solutions I needed serverside so I learned PHP. When it came to a point where database got involved I learned the SQL language through MySQL.

Besides the courses I took, my knowledge and experience is derived from numerous online/offline material I've been reading and forums I'm still contributing to. Apparently, learning from others' mistakes and helping them solve specific problems dramatically alters my learning curve.

I'm now using combined programming languages and technologies, which include markup languages (X)HTML, CSS, XML and programming languages Javascript, ActionScript 3.0 and PHP. For database design/management I'm using MySQL. Complete list is available here. in "programming" page.