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I've had the opportunity to use my design skills in numerous disciplines and platforms. All these brought their own technical restrictions and required a new mindset for the creative process. I see these restrictions as opportunities. I love design and its versatility regardless of technique, medium or space.

Click here if you'd like to view my web and ui/ux design works.

Graphic design

Simple yet delicate, playful but mature… Overall, striking and effective. These are my essentials for graphic representation. Detailed information on my design approach can be found in the "about / ali inhan" page. here.

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Corporate works
Packaging works
Artistic works
Printed works
Marked projects were designed and realized under the copyright of Guven Software Technologies between 2013 and 2020.
Campaign/IMC works
Textile works

Product design

I like the versatility of design; the fact that it is used in every visible item from an advertisement to a sign, from a greeting card to a bag. It is already extremely motivating to see the outcome of my work directly, and designing products for personal use just adds up to it.


Just like any graphic work, the idea of illustration to me, is to communicate a specific message by style and content. I like lively and attracting images that are clean and appealing. I tend to make them as smooth yet as strong as possible. My illustrations have been used in various media including promotional items, printed media and online.