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The possibilities with a dynamic interface driven by interaction and a constant dialogue throughout user experience are endless. Responding to user requests and actions; providing them with a desirable, user-centered interface; guiding them easily navigate; making the time they spend pleasant and their whole experience seamless is truly satisfying to me.

The time I discovered my enthusiasm for the digital media, my first web design experience dates back to 2001. And I'm still working mostly in web and the mobile platforms.

You can visit the design page to discover more about my graphic eye or read more about my general approach to design.

Web design

In online as well as printed media where design is involved, my interpretation of the Bauhaus motto "form follows function" is "design serves content and eases accessibility". This allows me to stay true to my minimalistic approach also while designing for the web.

I like playing with details. In my designs playful events often occur in content transitions and places where user interaction is involved. Because I've also been developing for the web, it's much easier to design, knowing what is possible and to what cost.

For in-depth information on my programming skills please visit the "programming" page. click here.

Marked projects were designed and realized under the copyright of Guven Software Technologies between 2013 and 2020.

UI/UX design

For me a data-sensitive and user-centered approach along with efficiency and usability are main keys to success in the mobile platform. I very much enjoy being a part of this phenomenon as a UI/UX designer since I personally benefit a lot from many apps in the areas: weather forecast, news, e-shopping, social media and digital banking to name a few.

To provide users with a pleasant experience a solid and well-planned system needs an effective design. A user-friendly interface with effective navigation, that maintains focus on user behavior while reflecting the image of the company/brand. This is where I come into play.

My approach as well as some apps I designed can be viewed below. The websites are located in the above section.

Projects in this section were designed and realized under the copyright of Guven Software Technologies between 2013 and 2020.

Selected Project

During my job in Guven Software Technologies I had the opportunity to redesign the website and mobile app of Cumhuriyet, one of the oldest and well-known newspapers in Turkey. Before the redesign it was a news portal, designed solely for desktop without a focus on most of the vital concepts of UX design; usability, accessibility and pleasure among others.

In September 2013 we were asked to design and realize separate versions of the website for desktop and mobile platforms, along with iOS and Android mobile apps.

After the strong efforts and a concentrated work by a team of experienced designer and engineers the new website has been launched in November 2013. Main changes were: a user-centered, clean design and a robust infrastructure. Both website and apps have been constantly improved for six years.

Launch dates of the new pages were: Nov 2013 (desktop website), Dec 2014 (mobile website) and Nov 2016 (AMP pages).

With the new design daily page views of our client has increased tenfold and it has seen a 20% increase in the unique visitor amount.