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I started programming for web with a website I created in 2001 in which I used HTML and CSS. And my first real experience with programming languages was with Javascript and Macromedia (later bought by Adobe) ActionScript 2.0.

For a rich and more responsive web experience currently I'm using several clientside and serverside languages simultaneously, which I enjoy a lot. Please see below the section below entitled "details" for a complete list of these languages and technologies.

For a long time I contributed to the well-known forums. Due to the unfortunate end of development of ActionScript I shifted my interest into the programming platform where I'm contributing about several languages on a regular basis now. I believe sharing knowledge and experience helps improve global standards.

I'm giving private lessons on ActionScript and PHP, as well as teaching a customized package of lessons with the self-explanatory title "Programming for Designers". I'm also working on a blog introducing basic concepts of programming to designers, which covers common mistakes and focuses on several languages.

Background information on my programming skills is available in the "about" page. here.


As a programmer I have experience in the following concepts

  • Dynamic/static web application design & development
  • Database design & management
  • Server-side scripting
  • Object oriented programming

I scripted for

  • The World Wide Web (websites)
  • Desktop applications (Adobe AIR)
  • Standalone Adobe Flash projections & interactive presentations
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator (js, jsx)

Languages & technologies:

  • HTML
  • CSS, Sass & LESS
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • ActionScript 2.0 & 3.0
  • SVG (through the Raphaël JS library)
  • XML
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Selected works

  • Full-Flash websites:
    • Prowide Promotions
    • miniGears Italy
    • personal portfolio v.2
  • Joint language/technology websites:
    • HTML, CSS, Javascript & jQuery, JSON & AJAX, PHP, MySQL Clientside and serverside coding, database design, serverside management of files, automated database and file backup
    • HTML, CSS, Javascript & jQuery, ActionScript, JSON & AJAX, XML, PHP, MySQL Clientside and serverside coding, database design, user registration, logging and membership management, interactive Flash application that allows modification of, saving and managing combinations of predefined products, colors and accessories, Flash and PHP based manipulation of images, automated notification emails, product based communication forms between client and company
    • HTML, CSS, Javascript & jQuery, SVG, JSON & AJAX, XML, PHP, MySQL Clientside and serverside coding, database design, user registration, logging, membership and automated notification management, user-driven, live content creation and contribution, data validation and processing, automated emails and database backup, systematic live content updating through AJAX with SVG based Javascript animations
  • Standalone, interactive Flash projectors:
    • Informative projector for Roche
    • Annual Report of Dogus Otomotiv
  • Flash and PHP driven CMS for the website of miniGears, Italy
  • Flash music player and animated menu for Exart, an individual art initiative
  • Video player for the standalone Flash personal portfolio
  • Flash banners for Prowide Promotions
  • Interactive Flash application for text & image manipulation on predefined products
  • AIR application for basic image processing